The Light That Shines Through the Fields of Fear

$16.95 USD

The Light That Shines, Through the Fields of Fear, focuses attention on the current issues impacting the lives of many people here on earth, who have been led through the fields of fear, distrust, and confusion. We have been living for centuries under various sets of lies, designed to separate us from each other, and more importantly, to separate us fromm ourselves. This separation has had dire consequences on our societies. It is time to release these patterns of fear, distrust, a,nd confusion, as they no longer serve us. It is time to recapture the essence of our humanity, bringing forth our light, living our truth, and manifesting a life of joy.

If you have some fears to release and move through, I urge you to consider the coaching programs being offered by Mai Calev Coaching!  The series, Release Your Fears, Reclaim Your Life, can be purchased as individual 4 week coaching modules or you can purchase all 3 modules for the 12 week coaching program to assist you with moving through the unhealthy fears that hold you back from loving fully and living the life you were intended to live.

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